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Hook Applications
10K Hook

The design of a complete external load system requires that each component of the system be equally capable to lift, carry and deliver the load safely. The types of applications becomes very large when one realizes these applications include anything that is carried as an external load on any type of equipment that may need the capability of remote release. We have sold the hook for use with land based cranes, helicopters, and many other types of uses.

  • The application of our hook is defined by the weight required to be carried by the user equipment, the desire to stay out of brown-out or white-out and by the availability of the power needed to operate our solenoid.

  • To make the Hook more universal we have included a proprietary Lock Out and a manual release knob that can be used by the ground crew if necessary.

  • Our Hook is also designed to allow repeated air drops without any inherent damage to the Hook.

  • Finally our Hook is designed to used in a highly repetitive environment where the numbers of releases under load could easily exceed a hundred cycles per shift.

All of these carefully thoughtout criteria make the HeliBasket LLC Remotely Operated Hook an extremely safe and reliable piece of equipment that will fit in any applicaton that you might have in mind.

Nasa Hook

NASA 25K Hook in front of Orion
25K Hook Test for NASA

NASA Hook being proof
tested at 100,000 lbs

HeliBasket LLC 25K Remote Release Hook Selected by NASA:
During the fall of 2009, NASA developed a requirement for a drop test of the newly designed Orion space capsule.

The test would require that NASA lift the Orion capsule and suspend it over a water surface then release it so that it was in free fall. The capsule was instrumented to record data during the impact for extrapolation at a later date. The capsule was to be dropped several times at some different angles which would require the capsule to be picked out of the water and lifted with different harnesses.

NASA wanted a reliable remote release hook that would test at 5X the working load limit of 20,000 or a test at 100,000 lbs. The HeliBasket LLC 25K hook was chosen after it was tested successfully at 100,000 lbs load and held for 5 minutes without any deformation.

In addition, NASA wanted the ability to lock the hook so that the load could not be released during movement to and from the proximity of the test area. HeliBasket LLC has a manual lock out system as part of the proprietary hook design.

The 25k hook was delivered to NASA, the test was conducted in February and was a complete success. The hook preformed flawlessly and NASA was able to gather all of the information to ensure our future in the Orion space program.

Chinook being recovered with two (2) 10K Hook Systems
HeliBasket LLC 10K Remote Release Hooks Recovering Chinook in Colorado :

On June 15, 2010 a CH-47 from Buckley Air Force Base crewed by the Colorado National Guard made a hard landing near Alamosa, Colorado. The National Guard unit was in support of the Alamosa County Sherriff's Office in a High Altitude Search and Rescue mission to rescue an 18 year-old hiker that had fallen on Little Bear Peak in southern Colorado.

The CH-47 experienced an aft rotor strike and had to make a hard landing. The 2nd Battalion, 135th General Support Aviation was called in to clean up the site and remove the fuselage of the downed CH-47.

During the morning of June 29, the fuselage was lifted out of the site by a second CH-47. The crew attached straps and harnesses to the lift points on the stripped fuselage of the downed CH-47. The crew then used two 10K Electric Long Lines from HeliBasket LLC., one fore and one aft. The recovery CH-47 successfully lifted, transported and delivered the 8,500 lb fuselage to a base just near the mountain. The process of recovery from touchdown to removal was less than 15 minutes. The use of the HeliBasket LLC Electric Long Lines made the pick-up and subsequent release of the fuselage simple, safe and quick.

UH-60 being recovered with a 10K Hook System

Maryland Army Aviation National Guard Recovers Helicopter Wreckage in West Virginia :

On February 18, 2010 a Navy MH-60S Nighthawk crashed in Pocahontas County, West Virginia in the trees and snow. The US Navy and the Maryland Army Guard in a joint operation were able to retrieve the airframe and all of the parts of the helicopter using the ELLS (Electric Long Line Systems) from HeliBasket LLC.

The Maryland Army Guard using the 25K ELLS from the Colorado Army Guard was able to lift the bulk of the wreck in a single lift. The Guard units also used the 10K ELLS along with their Heli-Basket® assets to retrieve the small parts of the wreck. The use of the Heli-Basket® allowed the removal of these parts without the need to rig nets and slings and also prevented the parts from being crushed or deformed while being lifted by net or sling.

To paraphrase the Naval Officer of the mission, “The safety of the mission was greatly enhanced through the use of these long line systems. The use of the systems was essential to the success and safety of the mission. By using the long line systems, we were not required to re-rig the UH-60s between loads, and were able to safely increase our productivity. Additionally, the design of the 25K hook and its weight allowed us to accurately penetrate the trees and position the hook for ease of connection to the load. The design and length of the ELLS gave us the ability to successfully hook up and drop work in terrain where there are steep slopes and trees without the danger of blade strikes or aircraft impact. The HeliBasket LLC ELLS was critical to the successful completion of this mission.”


Because of FAA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Section 29.865) requirements, there is a need for an additional measure of safety required by the FAA for use when transporting Human cargo, HeliBasket LLC Research and Design group created the Manual Lockout to prevent inadvertent release of Human Cargo.