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Swivel on 10K Hook

Electric Swivel

Purpose: The stainless steel swivel eliminates twisting and kinking of the Long Line and the rigging of the load being carried. It is also designed to allow electrical current to pass through the swivel to the hook solenoid regardless if the hook is stationary or turning.

The swivel is an integral part of the Electric Long Line System and physically connects to the Electric Remote Hook as is shown in the image to the left. The Swivel has a connection for the hook on one end and at the other it connects directly to the Hawser end of the Long Line either through the use of a correctly sized shackle or to the soft eye end of the Long Line through the use of our newly redesigned swivel.

The swivel uses a specially designed rotary electrical connection inside to the swivel body which allows the electrical connection from the Hand Controls in the Helicopter to be contiguous to the solenoid in the hook.

Design Considerations:

The Swivel is a manufactured form stainless steel to exacting tolerances.

Inside of the swivel is the rotating connector used to transmit the data and opening pulses to and from the Helicopter and the Remote Operated Hook.

Commercial Connector
  • In some instances, the operator may want information about the weight of the load. In this instance, we incorporate a Load Cell into the connection between the Swivel and the Remote Operated Hook. This data is also transmitted through the rotary connection and up to a read out in the Hand Control to be displayed to the operator or crew member.

The bearings that allow for the Hook to move in rotation without passing this movement to the Long Line are also located inside the Swivel body. These bearings are sized to meet the Working Load Limit requirements of the Long Line System that the operator has purchased plus a minimum of a 5 X safety factor.

The Swivel is sealed to prevent the possiblility of contamination of the bearings and corrosion of the electric connections.

The connectors are commercially available connectors that have been used for years with this application. Because they are commercially available, they are easily replaced in case of inadvertent damage. When the swivel is purchased without the Load Cell option, the connectors are easily replaced in the field. Additional documentation and testing is necessary for replacement when the load cell option is chosen.

  • For NATO applications, NATO has defined its own connector requirements on the Hand Controls and when shipped for NATO applications, the Hand Controls are shipped with the correct connectors.


Because of FAA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Section 29.865) requirements, there is a need for an additional measure of safety required by the FAA for use when transporting Human cargo, HeliBasket LLC Research and Design group created the Manual Lockout to prevent inadvertent release of Human Cargo.