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External Load Operations
The key to successful external load operations is high quality, robust, reliable equipment and operators trained in the proper methods and use of vertical reference flying. HeliBasket LLC. has developed the most advanced equipment available for Multi Person rescue, delivery of crushable and perishable items, and remote pickup of cargo.

You can see in the information on our Heli-Basket®, Remote Hooks, and Consulting pages that we continue to develop and improve our equipment.

In order to provide a balanced set of offerings, we have teamed up with Helicopter Logistics Support, Ltd to provide a source of training for all aspects of external load operations. Helicopter Logistics Support, Ltd provides training in the following areas:

  • Helicopter Groundcrew - Basic

  • Helicopter Groundcrew - Operator (Rigger, Marshaller)

  • Helicopter Groundcrew Supervision (Landing Point Commander)

  • Refueling and Under Slung Load Overview

  • Landing Site Supervisor

  • Heli Abseiling (rappeling) / Fast Roping

  • Helicopter High Rise Training

  • Helicopter Air Crew Training

For indepth explanation of these courses go to the Training page at Helicopter Logistics Support, Ltd.

Ground Support Logistics

HEMMT Towed up Angled Ramp
  Universal Tow Bridle Systems;

This Tow Bridle System has completed the evaluation period. The Tow Bridle System has been evaluated by pulling Airframes example UH-60 and CH-47 into a C-5, C-17, C-130, and the Antonov 124.

In this picture the system is pulling approximately 39,000 lbs up an inclined ramp.

This Tow Bridle System can be used ......more........

A note from our Research and Development department.

Constant customer liaison coupled with our ability to keep in stride with technical developments, allows us to provide the best applications for our customers needs.