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First Responders Module
First Responders Module

First Responders Module
BACKGROUND: Since the first use of helicopters performance capabilities have significantly improved with the exception of external load rescue. Today rescuers have the same hover rescue capability as they did sixty years ago using one and two person hoist systems.

Helicopters now carry up to 50 or more people with external load capabilities over 15 tons. However safety concerns and stability issues have kept hover rescue capability to a maximum of two per event. Each individual being rescued requires crew member instruction and or to be fitted with a harness prior to being raised by the hoist.

A Heli-Basket® rescue does not require special instruction for either an individual or a group rescue. It is attached to the main cargo hook of the aircraft and can rescue 15 or more people in the same time it takes to hoist one.

During Katrina as in other large scale disasters thousands of people were isolated with many requiring medical attention. Some structures were on fire and inaccessible and equipment and critical supplies were unable to be delivered. Heli-Basket Disaster Response modules provide the resources to address these issues and maximize the effectiveness of the First Responder helicopter crews. These resources significantly increase survival rates, help keep families together during the rescue event, reduce collateral damage and quicken the restoration of critical infrastructure. The following is a breakdown and explanation of capability and the components addressing each of the three main response requirements:

Heli-Basket® 2000

1. LIFE SAVING: The Heli-Basket®. The following compares two     medium helicopters at a rescue location, one with a hoist and one     with a Heli-Basket®:

    Mission requirement scenario: rescue 30 people from a roof top.

    The helicopter using a hoist will require between 15 and 30 lift     sequences to rescue the 30 people.

    The helicopter using a Heli-Basket® requires 2 lift sequences.

    Efficiency enhancement: The Heli-Basket® increases the     helicopter's rescue capability 1000% to 1500%.

    Note: Seats and or cabin space will dictate how long the hoist     helicopter can remain on station between lifts. However the     helicopter with the Heli-Basket® will complete the requirement in     two lifts and in significantly less time, using less fuel and     subsequently providing additional productivity during the Golden     Hour.

2. FIRE FIGHTING: Bambi Bucket. Fires isolated from ground     resources can trap people. The ability to quickly deploy a Bambi     Bucket to sufficiently dampen the fire to facilitate a rescue or     curtail a hazardous explosion is a critical capability.

3. POINT TO POINT LOGISTICS: Electric Long Line with Remote     Cargo Hook. The ability to pick up and deliver critical     equipment and supplies from confined areas to the point of     intended use regardless of obstacles provides the critical     capability of immediate access.

HeliBasket LLC has taken this evaluation and developed the First Responders Module.

A basic HB-FRM is comprised of the following:

Contents of the First Responder Module

1 ea.
15 man rescue Heli-Basket – HB2000
1 ea
6 man rescue Heli-Basket – HB1000
1 ea
25K Remote cargo hook system 150 ft
1 ea
10K Remote cargo hook system 120ft
1 ea
4 point 25K cargo lift harness
3 ea
4500 lb Military cargo nets
1 ea
First Aid Kit - Multiple person
1 ea
Heli-portable trailer w Heli-Basket auto load
2 ea
Bomb Blast resistant Floatation Kits
1 ea
660 gallon Bambi Bucket for Fire Fighting
2 ea
Non Static 120 ft Long Lines for HB's
3 ea
10K Stainless Steel Cargo Nets


Natural disasters like Katrina and Haiti cause stress and damage to many persons at once. The ability of any nation to save more lives when responding to catastrophic events is immeasurable. A proposed solution would be to procure and strategically Pre-Position Heli-Basket Disaster Response modules (FRM) in positions that would allow quick response.