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Helibasket Accessories


The Heli-Basket® system includes storage and transport accessories. Because the Heli-Basket® system needs to be available at a moments notice, it may be located where there are not indoor or covered storage facilities. In the case where there is indoor storage facilities, the Heli-Basket® may need to be transported to and from the use point. Precision Lift has designed trailers (local and long distance transport) and covers for these storage and use needs.

Cover on Heli-Basket® front view

The cover allows the Heli-Basket® to be stored outside and inside and maintains the cleanliness of the unit.

The cover is form fitted to the size of the Heli-Basket® that is being covered (HB1000, HB2000, HB3000, HB5000).

The cover is constructed of 18oz polyvinyl material .

The cover is closed with industrial level zippers similar to the design that is used on our heavy duty long line electrical covers.
Side view cover

Cover on Heli-Basket® side view

2.5 Ton Trailer

The 2.5 ton trailer was designed to move the  Heli-Basket® around on the loading ramp or on an improved landing zone. This trailer is for local movement in and out of indoor storage or to be used with the cover for outdoor readiness.

Product Features:

This 2.5 ton trailer is designed with pneumatic tires and pintle hook connection. The beam width is modified to fit both the HB1000 and HB2000.

The 2.5 ton trailer is powder coated for durability and ease for long term maintenance. The trailer combined with the Cover will provide excellent local storage for the Heli-Basket® system

Aluminum Tandem Trailer
The Tandem Trailer was designed for longer distance transfer of the Heli-Basket® and any of its internal applications.

Product Features:

The Tandem Trailer is all aluminum construction with  integral braking system and an adjustable height hitch.

The Tandem Trailer has the capacity to carry more than one Heli-Basket® and can be equipped with a storage box on the front.

The deck length and storage box size can be custom designed for many different applications. The deck length can also be designed to accommodate more than one Heli-Basket®.  

The Heli-Basket® can be winched onto the Tandem Trailer using a battery operated winch.

The rear of the trailer is fitted with rollers that allow the Heli-Basket® to roll over the end and up onto the surface of the trailer.

The winch connection is so designed that it lifts the Heli-Basket® as it approaches the back of the trailer so as to guide it over the rollers.

Aluminum Tandem Trailer Details

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