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Remote Release Cargo Hook Systems


The 10,000lb Working Load remote hook system, shown on the right, incorporates a swivel, protective cage and lockout feature. The system is certified to 50,000lbs. Systems are available with a Working Load capability to 30,000 lbs.

To provide immediate access, point to point logistics, increased safety for ground crews, reduced hook up times and depending on line length, elimination of brown outs and white outs.

  1. The cargo hook is encased by a housing plate and a cover plate bolted together.

  2. The internal parts are made of high-quality steels that have been heat-treated and plated.

  3. The toggle mechanism assures the positive lock of the hook, and an amplification of opening forces.

  4. The adjustable clock spring allows the load beam to be returned automatically. The spring mechanism is fully protected within a tapered cap.

  5. The clock spring tension can be increased or decreased as required.

  6. The load beam with oversized throat will accommodate up to 8 eye chokers, 5/8 inches in diameter. Throat and load beam clearances exceed US and STANAG requirements

  7. For easy service, the solenoid is removable; thus, there is no need to take the unit apart. Removing the solenoid cover, allows the solenoid to be changed. Releasing loads can be performed manually (manual release knob) or electrically (solenoid) or locked for critical cargo.

Load beam shock absorbtion, 5+ X safety factor, load beam opens beyond 90 degrees for guaranteed load release, proprietary lockout system for critical cargo

Our hooks are known for their robustness. Here is a picture of our 25k Hook and Swivel being tested for a NASA application. Notice in the picture the size of the components used to connect the hook to the test equipment.

This hook system was tested to a load of 100,000 lbs tensile as requested by NASA. After the test , the hook was completely disassembled to check for any deformation or change in dimensions. The system design strength exceeds 125,000lbs or 5+ X working load limit.

These hooks have been designed for maximum load repetitive lift applications in the helicopter logging industry. The protective cages are designed for military tactical applications as well as protection. All HeliBasket LLC remote cargo hook systems are pull tested as complete assemblies.

Our hooks are designed to be both strong and rugged enough to meet the rigors of Military and Commercial environments.

Hook Systems Components

The Remote Release Hook System is comprised of five main components. , The Hook ,The Cage, The Swivel, The Lift Line, and The Crew Hand Control.

Swivel Component Data:

Purpose: The stainless steel swivel eliminates twisting and kinking of the Long Line and the rigging of the load being carried. It is also designed to allow electrical current to pass through the swivel to the hook solenoid regardless if the hook is stationary or turning.

Hook Component Data

Purpose: The electrically remote operated hook allows a load to be carried to a destination, the load to be placed and released as is required. The remote hook also allows for release of the load in case of emergency while retaining all of the load sling and long lines.

Cage Component Data

Purpose:The coated steel Cage protects the Hook assembly and serves as connecting structure for tactical tools.

Long Line ComponentData

Purpose: The Long Line eliminates brown-out and white-out conditions, static discharges, confined area rotor blade strikes and airborne FOD.

The Crew Hand Control Component Data

Purpose: The Controller provides manual control of the external loads trasported by the Helicopter. These Hand Controls are approved and used by the US Military and NATO and are designed for use in multiple styles of aircraft.

System Product Features:

  • High strength aluminum/steel construction
  • Adaptable to manned and UAV applications
  • Oversized load beam saddle
  • Electrical and manual release
  • Adjustable tension load return spring
  • Positive locking mechanism and low voltage opening
  • Safety factor used for ultimate designed strength is 5X.
  • Protective cage mount
  • Load beam snout is designed for load rings
  • Low maintenance/Reduced overhaul costs
  • Polyurethane coated steel wrap-around hook cage

Typical Technical Properties

Swivel Technical Properties
Lift Capacity:
10,000 lbs.
Design Ultimate Strength
50,000 lbs
Top and bottom connecting points
0-500 V
AC/DC Current:
3 Wire: All Wires 30 Amp
17-4H1150 Stainless Steel
14 lbs
13.1 in
Width: 4.4 in
Lifting Holes:
i in Dia.

Hook Technical Properties
Lift Capacity:
10,000 lbs.
Design Ultimate Strength
50,000 lbs
Minimum Release Load
15 lbs
24-28 V
AC/DC Current:
14 Amps
Single Pivot
38 lbs
15 in
Width w/o Cage:
6.25 in
2.5 in

Cage Technical Properties
26 lbs

The adoption by the US Armed Forces and NATO of the Remote Hook Systems and the Remote Hand Control has allowed the operators to greatly increase their logistical capability and increase the power of supply chain delivery.